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Become a Chess Master: Learn from the Expert Instruction of a Grandmaster in Super Videos

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Super Pack Combo Chess Videos

If you would like to improve your overall chess game then this SUPER PACK is highly recommended.

Price:999 $ *subject to changes

For more information regarding the different offers do click on the link

Chess Tactics And Games

If you enjoy watching interesting games played by top players and learn the tactics,this module is recommended for you.

Price:149$ *Subject to change

A Complete Package

This particular product is a combination of all the opening,middlegame and endgame and helps to improve in every aspect of the game. If you are looking to improve then check this product out.

Price:497$*Subject to change

Learn The Chess Openings From Grandmasters

If you feel that you are weak in the openings and want to improve your opening skill by learning from a professional Grandmaster then this is a useful guide.

Price:53$ *Subject to change

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