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Image by Randy Fath

Classes Conducted:

  • Classes will be conducted on Zoom or Google Meet

  • There will be 4 classes a month                                    

  • Each class will be having a duration of 45 minutes to

       60 minutes                                                         

  • Chess application will be used to teach chess           

  • You will be taught personally by Amith AP  in either Group/Individual classes               

Image by Anton Jansson

Beginner Foundation Course

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Chess

  • Chess Notations

  • Piece movements over the board

  • Piece placements on the board with their names

  • What is castling,en passant and how to promote a pawn?

  • What is  a Checkmate?

  • Basic two rooks endgame

  • Basic Queen endgame

  • Basic rook endgame

  • Basic queen and rook endgame

  • Two bishops endgame

Image by lea Stoessel

Intermediate Foundation Course

Topics Covered

  • Checkmate in 1 puzzles

  • Checkmate in 2 puzzles

  • Double attack

  • SImultaneous attack

  • Discovered attack

  • Basic chess openings

  • Queen's Gambit opening

  • E4 pawn openings

  • Pinning,skewer,zugzwang,X ray attack,Fortress and Blockade

  • Deflection,Decoying and annihilation

  • Knight and pawn endgames,Knight endgames,Bishop endgames

  • Opposite coloured bishop endgames,knight and pawn endgames,knight endgames,bishop endgames,bishop vs pawns endgames,opposite coloured bishop endgames,Bishop vs knights endgames,Rook vs pawn endgames,rook vs bishop endgames,Rook vs knights endgames,Queen endgames,Queen vs rook endgames

  • Games analysis

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