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Chess Classes-Intermediate

  • 45 minutes
  • 14 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

The services provided will be the following: 1.45 minutes 1-1 session 2.Zoom session 3.Materials provided If you choose the intermediate foundation course over a period of time then the below are the topics that will be covered: 1.Checkmate in 1 puzzles 2.Checkmate in 2 puzzles 3.Double attack 4.SImultaneous attack 5.Discovered attack 6.Basic chess openings 7.Queen's Gambit opening 8.E4 pawn openings 9.Pinning,skewer,zugzwang,X ray attack,Fortress and Blockade 10.Deflection,Decoying and annihilation 11.Knight and pawn endgames,Knight endgames,Bishop endgames Opposite coloured bishop endgames,knight and pawn endgames,knight endgames,bishop endgames,bishop vs pawns endgames,opposite coloured bishop endgames,Bishop vs knights endgames,Rook vs pawn endgames,rook vs bishop endgames,Rook vs knights endgames,Queen endgames,Queen vs Rook endgames 12.Games analysis

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