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1.King David’s opening

1.e4 c5



King David’s Opening involves the king moving on the second move of the opening itself and thereby loosing the opportunity to castle. From the opening standpoint this creates a loop hole in the king’s camp and is strictly into a not so good position and it’s an obvious fact that it is not played at the top level. Yet there may be variants of chess where this kind of opening can be played

2.Brick variation

1.e4 c5


Brick variation of sicilian defense breaks the rule of chess which does not enable the knight to come towards the centre where it could have occupied a large number of squares.These variations may allow the knight to drop back to f2 and guard the e4 pawn.Yet this has not been implemented much into practice.

3.Myers Attack

1.e4 c5


Myers attack allows for intimidation of the black’s kingside with white not allowing for quick castle on the black’s kingside.Though there are certain problems for white in this position as he has allowed the g4 square to become an outpost for the black pieces.But white may not be able to successfully launch the attack as his idea has revealed one of his plan in the beginning itself.

Brick Variation
Myers Variation
King David's Opening

Foolish Chess Openings in Sicilian

King david's opening
Brick variation
Myers attack
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