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Is it true that playing chess increases the mind level and IQ level?

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

This is the most common question that comes to people's mind once they think about chess.

According to me, it is not that playing chess will increase the mind level or the IQ level of the player but it helps to bring out whatever the skill and IQ the person is having. So by playing chess it just improves and moulds the skill already present in the person.

But it does not happen once you get into chess for a few months or so but it takes years to mould the mind into a calculating phase. So by continuously working on chess it surely helps you to mould your mind into that strategy kind of thing which actually helps in real life.

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Chess is about pattern recognition, p.r. in the opening, p.r. in the middlegame and p.r. in the endgame. It's true you can memorize your opening repertoire as far as you can, and there are also theoretical endgames which if you learn, then defining the endgame is just the famous phrase: "a simple matter of technique". Practice and training is what will enhance your ability to perform. It's true that till +2000 FIDE rating tactics is essential to make progress. But you see NM (2200) have the same tactical prowess than a superGMs (+2700). So really what makes the difference, including between GMs is the thought process.

It's not the same how a 2500 GM thinks than a +2700 one. And…

Me gusta

07 oct 2021

It is an eternal truth that no one can do anything at once. Just like this chess game, so if you play regularly, your talent will definitely improve at some point. In that case you don't say bad, try to try regularly, and so thank you!

Me gusta

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