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Elevate Your Chess Game: The Top Variety of Chess Boards for 2022

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

4.5" Imperator Luxury Combo Chess Set-Staunton Chess Pieces + Board - Ebony Wood

  1. You get both the chess board and chess pieces.

  2. These are luxury boards.

  3. The knights are a real show stoppers and all the chess pieces have unique ropes with carvings on the bases

Price-Rs 38200 *Subject to change

The Calvert Chess Set

  1. The Calvert Chess Set has a classical Tiroir Chess board with two drawers and individual areas for storing the chess pieces.

  2. The square sizes is 1.75" and king height is 3.5"

Price:$299.00 *Subject To Change

Straight Up Chess Board - Red Cherry Series with Flat Black Frame

  1. The straight up chess board is a conversational chess set helping you to connect to a chess board.

  2. They are also a reason for a lot attraction wherever you place it and are really fun to play with.

Price:$269.00 *Subject To Change

Wooden Magnetic Travel Chess Set

  1. The Travel Chess Set consists of a brass clasp which when opened has a magnetic chess board and pawns with luxurious green foam fitted storage.

  2. The travel chess set is 7.25'' wide and 9.25'' tall and 2.0'' thick

  3. Chessboard Square size is 5/8"

  4. The King Height is 1"

Price:$129.00 *Subject to change

Basic Chess Club Starter Kit Members

Everything needed to get your chess club running!

Price:$179.95 *Subject to change

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