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Vienna Opening-Bardeleben Variation

  1. e4 e5

  2. Nc3 Nf6

  3. f4 d5

  4. fxe5 Nxe4

  5. Qf3 f5

The move f5 gives a great stronghold of the knight though it may seem that white can have a supported passer in the next few moves, the game is not decisive as the middle game is in the process and black can counter white’s attempt to create a supported passer by making the move c5 which diverts the d4 pawn and leads to further holes in white’s camp which can be tried to be taken advantage of and black’s knight becomes a monster at the center .

In the Bardeleben Variation,if you are experienced or want to gain experience to play with opponent having a supported passer, then this is the opening you should go for. Unlike other openings this could prove to be quite comfortable for black as he has comfortable centralized knight which though can be pushed back.

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