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Dare to Polluck with Vienna

Updated: Feb 12

e4 e5

Nc3 Nf6

g3 Bc5

Bg2 Nc6

Nge2 d5


Polluck Gambit involves the temporary sacrifice of a pawn which can be aimed at recovering in the future. The bishop is lined upon the g2-h8 diagonal provides the much needed support for the advanced pawn. This gambit has been played minimally at the top level chess.

In the Polluck Gambit and Erben Gambit, white fianchettos the kingside bishop and a comfortable game is played which is not hyper aggressive setups like the previous openings. But these have been played at the utmost high level of chess game.In the Mengarini opening,white awaits black's plan and plays accordingly to improve his game and hence the position. ALthough I have already explained the ideas which might just have been implemented by white player.

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